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American Elm Project

Photo of American Elm, Princeton Dutch Elm Disease resistant cultivar plaqueConsidered by many to be the premier landscape and shade tree in North America, the nation's Elm populations were decimated by the introduction of Dutch Elm Disease in the 1920s. Many towns and cities in America had Elms that were over 100 years old and formed the backbone of the urban landscape.  Many cities, particularly in the Midwest, lost 90% of their landscape and city street trees as this species was so widely planted.

A few years back it was discovered that the American Elms planted by Princeton Nursery in Princeton, New Jersey, had not succumbed to D.E.D. It appears that this cultivar has some small genetic variation which allows the tree to tolerate Dutch Elm Disease with no adverse effects.

Cooper-Payne Tree Farms is actively involved in promoting the reintroduction of the American Elm and has a great selection of 18 + foot Elms. We urge everyone to do their part to reintroduce this Grand Dame of American trees to the North American landscape.

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American Elm

Cooper-Payne carries a wide selection of the disease-tolerant American Elm, Princeton cultivar.

Location: Well drained soil in sun or partial shade

Hardiness: Hardy from the Deep South to the Canadian Prairie.

Photo of American Elm in full foliage

30-foot American Elm, Princeton cultivar. Cooper-Payne has this size as well as smaller sizes.

Photo of American Elm in Fall

30-foot American Elm, Princeton cultivar, in Autumn color.

Photo of Dutch Elm Disease resistant American Elm

30-foot American Elm, Princeton cultivar, at our nursery.

Photo of American Elm in winter

25-foot American Elm, Princeton cultivar, in winter

An example of a Princeton American Elm 5" trunk, 30-foot specimen planted at a residence.

Photo of a 24-foot (7-inch caliper trunk) Princeton American Elm

A 24-foot, 7-inch caliper Princeton American Elm installation in Piedmont, North Carolina.
(January 2012)

Photo of 24 foot Princeton Elm with 48-inch rootball

A 24-foot Princeton American Elm with a 48-inch rootball.
(June 2013)