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Evergreens & Conifers

Limited Availability of Estate Quality Spruce

Cooper-Payne Tree Farms has a limited supply of estate-quality Colorado Blue, Norway, Serbian and White Spruce. Some varieties are available up to 40 foot specimens (estimated weight 15,000 lbs).

Cooper-Payne Tree Farms has a wide variety of magnolias and heat-tolerant evergreens and conifers that are suitable for landscape design in the Southern U.S., from Virginia south to the Carolinas and Georgia.

Most home landscape designs incorporate some evergreens and conifers for balanced visual presentation and to provide foliage and color on a year-round basis.

We have a large selection of hard-to-find large specimen trees to fit garden design. We can help you create an "instant backyard oasis" with mature and large specimen trees. Browse through this partial listing.


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Deodar Cedar

Photo of Deodor Cedar

20-foot Deodor Cedar, about 15 years old.

Sanders Blue Deodar Cedar

Photo of Sanders Blue Deodar Cedar

12-foot Sanders Blue Deodar Cedar.

Dwarf Deodar Cedar

Photo of Dwarf Deodar Cedar

3-foot Dwarf Deodar Cedar.

Weeping Deodar Cedar

Photo of Weeping Deodar Cedar

10-foot Weeping Deodar Cedars.


Brackens Blue Cedar

12-foot Brackens Blue Deodar Cedar.


Carolina Blue Cedar

16-foot Carolina Blue Cedar.


Eastern Red Cedar

Photo of Canadian Hemlock

15-foot Eastern Red Cedar.

Atlas Cedar

Photo of Atlas Cedar

20-foot Atlas Cedar. Native to North Africa, these do very well in the Southeast and the coastal areas of New York and New Jersey.

Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

Photo of 6 foot Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

6-foot Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar.


Green Giant Cedar

Photo of Green Giant Cedar

15-foot Green Giant Cedar.

Weeping Alaska Cedar

Photo of Weeping Alaska Cedar

10-foot Weeping Alaska Cedar.

Weeping Cedar of Lebanon

Photo of Weeping Cedar of Lebanon

8-foot Weeping Cedar of Lebanon.

This Georgia-grown specimen tree is currently available -- Call for best pricing!


Fastigiate Deodor Cedar

12-foot Fastigiate Deodor Cedar.


Western Red Cedar (Nigra)

12-foot Western Red Cedar (Nigra).



Fat Albert Colorado Blue Spruce

Photo of Fat Albert Colorado Blue Spruce

8-foot Fat Albert Colorado Blue Spruce.

Fat Albert Colorado Blue Spruce

Photo of Fat Albert Colorado Blue Spruce tree farm

10-foot Fat Albert Colorado Blue Spruce specimens at our North Carolina tree farm..


Dwarf Alberta Spruce

8-foot Dwarf Alberta Spruce.

Montgomerii Blue Spruce

Photo of Montgomerii Blue Spruce

3-foot wide Montgomerii Blue Spruce.

Foxtail Blue Spruce

Photo of Foxtail Blue Spruce

10-foot Foxtail Blue Spruce.

Bird's Nest Spruce

Photo of Bird's Nest Spruce

5-foot wide Bird's Nest Spruce.

Norway Spruce

Photo of Norway Spruce

20-foot Norway Spruce.

Weeping Norway Spruce

Photo of Weeping Norway Spruce

6-foot Weeping Norway Spruce.

Serbian Spruce

Photo of Serbian Spruce

12-foot Serbian Spruce.

Weeping Serbian Spruce

10-foot Weeping Serbian Spruce.

Weeping Giant Sequoia
Weeping Norway Spruce

25-foot Weeping Giant Sequoia & 12-foot Norway Spruce.

Skylands Oriental Spruce

Photo of Skylands Oriental Spruce

10-foot Skylands Oriental Spruce. Very rare, Oregon-grown specimen.

Oriental Spruce

Photo of Hollywood Juniper

10-foot Oriental Spruce.

This Georgia-grown specimen tree is currently available -- Call for best pricing!

Foxtail Blue Spruce

Photo of 14 foot Foxtail Blue Spruce

14-foot Foxtail Blue Spruace..


Long Leaf Pine

18-foot Long Leaf Pine. This pine, the North Carolina state tree, is native to the coastal south eastern region. Cold hardy to Zone 6.

Eastern White Pine

Photo of Eastern White Pine

15-foot Eastern White Pine.

Weeping White Pine

Photo of Weeping Weeping White Pine

10-foot Weeping White Pine.

Poodled Scotch Pine

Photo 6 foot Poodled Scotch Pine

6-foot Poodled Scoth Pine

Japanese Umbrella Pine

6-foot Japanese Umbrella Pine. This pine displays an interesting and unusual leaf pattern. Sure to be a conversation piece.

Thuja Green Giant

Photo of 8 foot Thuja Green Giant

8-foot Thuja Green Giant

Hollywood Juniper

Photo of Hollywood Juniper

10-foot Hollywood Juniper.

Yoshino Cryptomeria

Photo of Yoshino Cryptomeria

24-foot Yoshino Cryptomeria. Specimens of this size are very rare.

Black Dragon Cryptomeria

Photo of Black Dragon Cryptomeria

Rare 12-foot specimen of Black Dragon Cryptomeria.


Mountain Hemlock

Photo of 12 foot Mountain Hemlock

12-foot Mountain Hemlock.

Canadian Hemlock

Photo of Canadian Hemlock

10-foot Canadian Hemlock.

China Fir

Photo of Canadian Hemlock

10-foot China Fir.

Gold Thread Cypress

Photo of Gold Thread Cypress

8-foot Gold Thread Cypress.

Weeping Bald Cypress

Photo of Canadian Hemlock

10-foot Weeping Bald Cypress.

Italian Cypress

Photo of 10 foot Italian Cypress

10-foot Italian Cypress installed in Raleigh, North Carolina garden.


Photo of 22 foot Leyland

22-foot Leyland



5-foot Trochodendron. Extremely cold hard and a leaf pattern similar to schefflera.

Emerald Green Arborvitae

10-foot Emerald Green Arborvitae.


Photo of 8 foot Loquat

8-foot Loquat.

Wax Myrtle

Photo of 8 foot Wax Myrtle

8-foot Wax Myrtle.