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10' - 12' Nellie Stevens Holly

Nellie Stevens Holly photo

Nellie Stevens Holly—A great screening holly suitable for shade or sun exposure. Plants ultimately reach 30 feet or so and are easily adaptable to pruning.

Extremely heat and drought tolerant and require very low maintenance.

  • Approx 10-12 foot trees Sale Priced at $425.00 per tree installed for 6 or more trees

Suitable for zones 6-9, roughly from Long Island to deep South.

10' to 12' Green Giant Cedar

Emily Bruner Holly photo

Green Giant Cedar —The Green Giant is a large, vigorous, fast growing evergreen. It's natural pyramidal to conical form boasts dense, rich green foliage that darkens or bronzes only a little in the winter. This is an exceptional landscape tree for use as a screen, hedge, windbreak, or single specimen. It is tolerant of a wide variety of soils, but prefers moist, well drained soil, sun to partial shade.

It is wind resistant once established and withstands heavy ice or snow loads. Under good growing conditions, it can grow up to 3' a year to a height of 50'-60' with a 12'-20' spread.

  • 10-12 foot Green Giant Cedar Sale Priced at $385.00 per tree with a minimum purchase of 6 trees

Suitable for zones 5-7.



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